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How often should you oil your hair?

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Mixed woman with curls | Hair Oil

As a child, you may remember sitting in between your mother’s knees once a week while she rubbed thick grease through your hair. Mums perform this soothing ritual to ensure their children’s hair stays moisturised and manageable. However, for some of you, once a week may not be enough. How often you oil your hair will depend on several factors, such as the condition of your scalp, hair texture, and lifestyle. Some people will need to do it more than others; nevertheless, oiling is a necessity and not something you should skip in your hair care routine if you want to fight dryness and maintain a healthy scalp. In this blog post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how often to oil your hair.

How Often Should You Oil Your Hair?

Learn How often should you oil your hair : As mentioned, how often you oil your hair will depend on several factors, these include the following:

Mixed woman with curly hair | Hair Shampoo

Natural Hair: Oil your natural hair two to three days out of the week. Typically, thin hair stays hydrated longer because the strands absorb more water, product, and moisture which means you won’t need to oil it as much. But as a general rule of thumb, pay attention to how long your hair closest to the scalp stays moisturised after wash day.

Black woman natural hair | Hair Oil

Relaxed Hair: Due to the chemicals in relaxers and how they alter your hair’s natural texture, it’s essential that you oil your hair daily to prevent breakage. A lot of women worry about their hair becoming too heavy due to product build-up from daily oiling. You can work around this by applying a small amount daily by parting the hair into four sections, applying the oil to the parted line, and combing it through.

Dry Hair: For dry hair, experts advise doing a hot oil treatment twice a week. Hot oil treatments keep the hair moisturised and boost the hair’s elasticity, look and feel.

Black woman with natural hair | Beard Oil

Oily Hair: Oily hair is the result of the scalp producing too much sebum. Several things contribute to this, including over-washing, over-co-washing, excess sweat, and using the wrong products. However, despite having oily hair, you will still need to oil your hair every two to three days to keep it healthy. Additionally, start working on reversing your oily hair by doing the following:

• Washing your hair less

• Add three to four drops of Nuevo noir hair oil to your shampoo before washing

• Apple cider vinegar rinse

• Apply witch hazel to your hair

Lifestyle: If you’re a swimmer, athlete, your job involves strenuous labour, or you work in extreme weather conditions, you may need to wash your hair several times a week, which means you’ll also need to oil it more than two to three times per week.

Final Thoughts

To get the most out of oiling your hair, do a hot oil treatment every one to two weeks to strengthen and add shine to your hair. It also protects the hair against split ends and promotes growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp.

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