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How To Grow A Healthy Beard

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

A full, healthy beard signifies masculinity, strength, and discipline. Beards take patience and effort to grow and maintain, which is why some men keep their beards low or opt for the clean-shaven look. Due to their hair texture, black men experience slow growth and grooming difficulties, so they need to give their facial hair an extra dose of tender love and care. If you’ve struggled to achieve the bearded look you desire, there’s still hope. Check out the following tips on how to grow a healthy beard.

Facial hair growth

a healthy diet

If you want to achieve your beard goals, the first step is to consume a healthy diet. Minerals such as iron and zinc play an important role in hair growth, and a deficiency in them can cause hair loss. For healthier growth, include the following in your diet:

Lean Protein: Chicken, salmon, eggs, lentils, beef

Zinc: Pumpkin seeds, cashews, chickpeas, oysters

Iron: Broccoli, spinach, liver, beans, quinoa

Healthy Fats: avocado, olives, almonds, peanut butter

Vitamins A, C, D, & E: Carrots, sweet potato, bell peppers, oranges, tuna, yogurt, sunflower seeds, peanuts, mango, butternut squash

Whole Grains: Brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and pasta

Water: Keep your facial hair hydrated by drinking at least 2 litres of water per day

Wash Your Beard

Don’t use regular shampoo to wash your facial hair. They will strip away the natural oils leaving it dry and crunchy. Conventional shampoos are not designed to provide nutrients; their main purpose is to remove dirt. You will need a shampoo free from sulphate and contains natural ingredients. Additionally, wash your beard every 2 to 3 days to keep the hair follicles clean and eliminate any buildup.

Condition Your Beard

An often overlooked regimen amongst black men is beard conditioning. Conditioners repair and prevent damage, as well as nourish the follicles and lock in moisture. Additionally, it hydrates and moisturizes the hair making it easier to detangle and comb, which minimises breakage. Regular conditioning will keep your facial hair looking flawless and healthy.

Moisturise Your Beard and Skin Underneath

In the same way, you need to care for your scalp to ensure healthy hair growth; you need to do the same for your skin under the beard. Unkempt skin causes itchiness and dandruff. To avoid this, use a quality beard oil such as NuevoNoir to hydrate, soften and lock in moisture.

Comb and Brush Your Beard

When beard hair is curly and tangled, it stunts growth, so you’ll need to comb it daily to straighten it. Stay away from cheap plastic combs; use a sturdy, high-quality comb with smooth teeth to prevent breakage.

To brush your beard, opt for a boar bristle brush. When brushing your beard, apply some beard oil to it and lightly brush it downward. Keep brushing until you achieve your desired softness and the oil is evenly distributed throughout the beard.

Hit the Gym

man doing a push up to boost facial hair growth

Testosterone stimulates facial hair growth, and research suggests that the rate at which a man’s beard grows is determined by his testosterone levels. An effective way to naturally boost testosterone is through strength training and weightlifting. Exercise also stimulates the hair follicles by improving blood flow.

Final Thought

Whether you want to grow a goatee, a grandfather beard, or a front, there is no one size fits all approach to maintaining your beard. But once you find the products and a routine that works for you, stick to it, and you’ll transform your beard into a healthy, polished mane you can be proud of.

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