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Now You CAN Reach Your Beard GRowth Milestones.

"Unlock your beard's full potential with our expertly crafted products. From grooming essentials to nourishing oils, we have everything you need to reach your beard milestones and achieve the ultimate look."

HAIR & BEARD OIL Oil Gift Set 100 ML Natural, Organic and Vegan Friendly

A mixed blend of exotic oils, Apricot & Passion Fruit with AvocadoVitamin E, Argan Oil Jojoba which keeps your hair moisturized, nourished at the root, and promotes hair growth.


BEARD BALM 50 ML Natural and Organic 

A mixed blend of Avocado Butter & Cucumber with Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E which keeps your beard soft, fluffy and locks in moisture.


HAIR & BEARD SHAMPOO 250 ML Natural, Organic and Vegan Friendly

A mixed blend of Aloe Vera, Lime and Honey Quat

Gently cleanses hair & facial hair while helping to lock in moisture and replenish oils leaving the hair or beard smooth and clean. This natural blend gives the beard a fuller appearance making the facial hair easier to style. Infused with blackcurrant extract and lime essential oil.


Nuevo Noir handmade mini natural wooden beard care comb

Fine tooth square beard care comb 👌🏾


Nuevo Noir handmade natural wooden beard care brush

Round wooden handle  - Boar bristle brush for men grooming 


Beard Oil Gift Set | Hair & Beard Oil / Shampoo & Balm

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